life is but a dream

nothing is ever as it seems


It's perfectly normal to be a happy individual.


I’m off to France, then Panama, finally landing in Cuba! Hasta la bye bye. #cuba #planes #betterthanyourday (at Heathrow Airport)





Mathematician & Detective (x)

It’s so original ! I love it !


"Dammit, Sherrinford, where the hell have you been all these years???"


Holy shit, this is my new favorite thing.

Penguins of Madagascar promotional photoshoot (x)

I will practice believing my husband loves me but I could be wrong. - Gone Girl (2014)

"Gone Girl has been rightfully praised as a satire of our media’s bloodlust, especially for the stories of violated women: kidnapped co-eds, teenage sex slaves, battered wives, rape victims; stories that are intended, on the surface, to shock and appall with the scope of women’s suffering but can, instead (and perhaps deliberately) turn that suffering into something titillating. Amy weaponizes this suffering. When she’s forced to turn to Desi, her controlling ex, for shelter and support, she plies him with sob stories of being beaten into a miscarriage, fearing for her life; to con him, she becomes a fusion of broken girl and happy housewife. In a New York Times interview, Flynn says that, “She embodies [these stereotypes] to get what she wants and then she detonates them.” And after Amy murders Desi—slitting his throat mid-coitus in a moment of Grand Guignol that rivals Hannibal Lecter’s face-eating or Patrick Bateman shimmying to “It’s Hip to be Square” as he hacks a rival to death—she plays to the chivalric impulses of the mostly male FBI team handling her case, spinning a graphic yarn of rape, torture and debasement; the things that, on some level, every woman fears when she walks through a parking garage with her keys between her knuckles or leaves a date’s name, number, and photo with a good friend."

- GONE GIRL’s Cool Girl: Hero or Villian?